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There are various ways to install the Emercoin software as outlined below. After you have installed, see Running Emercoin.

Emercoin Core

GUI wallet

emercoin-qt GUI

The latest GUI for Linux, OSX, and Windows, can be downloaded from the Emercoin page on Sourceforge.

Linux command-line daemon (headless)

emercoin in the command line

The latest emercoin daemon is made available for the most popular flavors of Linux.

EMCweb (web wallet)

EMCweb in the browser

Emcweb is an emercoin daemon and web wallet configured for fast deployment on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Deployaz.png Deployubuntu.jpg

Source code

Source code for Emercoin Core can be found on the project GitHub.

Mobile Wallets

Emercoin SW (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS)

Emercoin SW on Google Play

Emercoin Secure Wallet is a lightweight and secure client app for mobile and desktop devices. Unlike the already announced Emercoin One/Basic, it stores keys locally and uses the Electrum protocol.

Emercoin SW is released by Aspanta Limited.

Emercoin One for iOS

Emercoin One on the Appstore

Emercoin One iOS app is a full-featured Emercoin wallet for iOS devices with exchange integration.

Emercoin One is released by Aspanta Limited.

Emercoin Basic for iOS

Emercoin Basic on the Appstore

Emercoin Basic iOS app is a remote controller for the Emercoin Core Wallet either running on your computer on a headless server in daemon mode.

Emercoin Basic is released by Aspanta Limited and source-code is made available.

Other wallets

Links to 3rd party web wallets and paper wallets can be found on the Emercoin Resources page.