Emercoin PoW mining

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Emercoin is now merge-mined with Bitcoin using the same SHA-256 Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm.

Merge-mining enhances Emercoin's blockchain security model as Emercoin can benefit from mining power directed to the Bitcoin network.

Any pool that mines Bitcoin can now also mine Emercoin as well.

  • The largest known pool that supports EMC merge-mining is https://mergemining.com
  • To see which mining pools offer merged-mining, see this comparison of mining pools (check the merged-mining column).
  • It is also possible to merge-mine Emercoin in a completely decentralised way with p2pool
  • Please ask your favorite Bitcoin pool to offer Emercoin merged-mining if they don't already.
  • Additional pools that support Emercoin may be listed here.