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ENUMER is a system for supporting ENUM telephone records on Emercoin's blockchain.

ENUMER Introduction

With proper configuration, your Emercoin wallet can support ENUM records stored under the "enum" service abbreviation in the Emercoin NVS. ENUM (E.164 Number to URI Mapping) translates telephone numbers into Internet addresses, for use by SIP Proxies, VoIP gateways, and other specialised telephony systems.

A softswitch can send ENUM requests to a wallet:

$ dig -t naptr +short 08068886681.enum
100 10 "u" "E2U+sip" "!^(.*)$!sip:\\[email protected]!" .

or public ENUMER gateway:

$ dig -t naptr +short 08068886681.enum.enumer.org
100 10 "u" "E2U+sip" "!^(.*)$!sip:\\[email protected]!" .

Record format

SIG=verifier|signature E2U+sip=PRI1|PRI2|RegExp

NVS Example

ENUM data should be stored in the following name->value format in the Emercoin NVS:

"name" : "enum:12027139373:0"
"value" : "SIG=ver:enum|HxQY4nUHtf+nK/btxa0jT4UuPQPKk0pyxrJuXlF8YVVFDKhY6PVcE1XiSvTOxlQryzfA1GIH2IRYk7uGHrZIbP4= E2U+sip=100|10|!.*$!sip:[email protected]!"


To activate this feature, set some config params in emercoin.conf

#emcdnsallowed=.coin|.emc|.lib|.bazar           # remove Allowed TLDs without ENUM
emcdnsallowed=$enum|.coin|.emc|.lib|.bazar      # add Allowed TLDs with ENUM
[email protected]:tollfree


Retrieving an ENUM record from the Emercoin NVS:

$ emc name_show enum:12027139373:0

And the result:

 "name": "enum:12027139373:0",
 "value": "SIG=ver:enum|HxQY4nUHtf+nK/btxa0jT4UuPQPKk0pyxrJuXlF8YVVFDKhY6PVcE1XiSvTOxlQryzfA1GIH2IRYk7uGHrZIbP4=\nE2U+sip=100|10|!^.*$!sip:[email protected]!",
 "txid": "2bbc7e292c793c613a9294ae7ed080d7a31110365c085ffc566f50a8f1631cac",
 "address": "ELHNUgKZmGX5yjTYC1gKdGV33xVX6hinKq",
 "expires_in": 940325,
 "expires_at": 1158295,
 "time": 1482526025

You can view ENUM records that have been deployed in the Emercoin blockchain by clicking here.


To register your phone number with ENUMER (Emercoin ENUM), you will need to:

  1. Obtain a signature (as this is not currently automated, please contact the Emercoin team for manual verification),
  2. Insert the signature in the NVS ENUM record for your phone number into the Emercoin NVS.