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EMW (Emercoin Workspace) is a system of Emercoin project work organization. This is the main page of the workgroup.

What EMW is

EMW is a toolkit intended to organize an effective work of Emer community development

As the blockchain is distributed, decentralized system, in reality it can’t has a single proprietor and therefore a centralized management. There is no way to prohibit anyone who wishes to use the blockchain, to do the development of the projects, using the blockchain or payment system, made on its basis. Similarly there is no way to commit someone to fulfil these actions. Nevertheless it does not prevent (and mustn’t prevent) an existence of development centralized groups, adoption or operation of blockchain

The object of EMW is to give a complete and convenient toolkit as much as possible for all comers who would like to join to Emer blockchain development and use.

Any comer has the right to use (or not to use) all or a part of given servises, materials etc

Nevertheless some materials can have limited access (see “limits of access”). The EMW root structure has no limits by itself.

"What for EMW" is a description of EMW system, the reasons of its making and mission "Why EMW" is a translation into English (on July 9 2016 has not finished)

Introductory document for all who would like to start using EMW with description of any possible ways of interaction with community In this document is described how it can start to use a system and also is considered the ways of receiving a compensation (including, but not limiting, money income) for all comers (section V) knowledgebase on Wiki (this page). Transfer to Redmine is possible

EMW system composition

An organization system of Emercoin is consists of the following elements:

  1. EMWIP module a list of ideas and projects. Separate page with description on wiki. A development project at the project office This is the main list of ideas and projects All current projicts must be presented in it. We recommend to start the EMW studing from this document.
  2. EMWP – project office. Toolkit of servises for projects management on the basis of Redmine Separate page with description on wiki. Managers of projects can use this service (or not use) to make easier to control the tasks, manage the team etc.
  3. EMWHR - list of parties, potential parties and possible outsourcers of community. Separate page with description on wiki. Some (but not all) persons are also duplicated in HR - EMWP module (project office) In this document you can find potentials parties of projects, possible doers of specific tasks etc.
  4. EMWR - list of community resources, including documents register. Separate page with description on wiki. The project of list development in the project office All documents, presentations, useful resources in the Internet, available websites, servers, legal persons, physical resources etc are presented in this list. If you need some document, or you need a legal person for conclusion of a contract, or you need a web-server with specified function – see in this list, perhaps what you need has already existed.
  5. EMWCRM - list of actual and potential clients of EMW. Separate page with description on wiki. A development project at the project office Here you can find potential users, partners or buyers of the decisions made by your project.The clients of CRM system are physical or legal persons, FOR WHOM is done (or something could be done) within the scope of EMW. The presence of person both in EMWHR and EMWCRM at the same time is not prohibited

Access receiving and access limit to the system

Some resources presented in EMW can have access limit For instance, projects doing by company followers, can contain a trade secret and require NDA confirmation for access Some parties may be relactant to provide their personal information to the wide circle of persons etc. To make description easear all resourses divide into three categories

  1. P - Public - this document can be accessible for everyone. Any information can be provided to all comers, also can be published in the Internet
  2. R - Restricted - A resource intended for inside using of users and must not be published in the Internet. An access to it can be provided both to any physical or legal persons, however community earnest request do not provide the access to the information under this character to the wide (unlimited) circle of persons
  3. S - Secret - this resource contains commercial, personal or another secret. An access to it can be provided after an explicit confirmation of NDA only. The right of providing an access is given to the limited circle of persons only. Giving you an access to this documrnt does not give you the right to provide an access to it to another persons if it is not really mentioned.

To gain an access to EMW system you need to contact with system administrator (any person with administrator status) To provide an access to projects and resources marked with S, you need to address the project secretary

How to start a work

  1. Gain an access to introductory document and read it
  2. Register yourself if it is necessary in EMWHR for other comers could find you. Describe your potentials, suggestions, requirements etc. So as to add your information you can address an administrator (e.g. a person who gave you this link)
  3. Изучите список имеющихся текущих проектов и идей к реализации в модуле EMWIP. Perhaps you would like to join some of these projects or to realize some ideas by yourself (with the help of community, acting as an investor, leader or another part).

The detailes on projects being under the way you can see in EMWP module (project office) The access to all resources can be provided to you by a system administrator (e.g. person through whom you have gained an access to this page)

Any project structure

  1. recording in the project office
  2. A recording on the list of ideas and projects. It is only if the project has already been going (or will be start soon) and if it is big enough to have a necessity of using such means. External projects (e.g. doing by exterior parties) могут не использовать the project office service
  3. Page on wiki. The description of the project is there – why it is need, how to join etc. and the links for all resources. This is recommended but optional.
  4. A large number of resources specific for the project, the links are in the other documents

Emer Wanted: the list of the

"EMWanted" - job offers or partners requests descriptions, which are currently in demand by the community

Useful links and documents

(translation and transfering to the wiki is in a progress) RUSSIAN: вводный документ для тех, кто желает начать использовать EMW с описанием возможных способов взаимодействия с сообществом
Emercoin QA
Статья о проблемах рынка технологий блокчейна, особенностях инвестирования в блокчейн, некоторые вводные понятия

Emer recources

Main EmerCoin website
Emer Blockchain engine website. Blockchain tools
OLD github
NEW github